Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dillons Savings This Week

This week looks much better than last week, and it looks like a great week to stock up on some meat. Here are the deals I see this week, I will only post items I'd be likely to buy which tend to be on the healthier, unprocessed side:

There are quite a few coupons that match up with the 10/$10 deal this week.
(Remember you do not have to purchase 10 items, they will scan $1 each.)
  • Kroger Frozen Vegetables (Aldi carries corn, broccoli & peas usually cheaper than this. I try to stock up on other frozen produce at this price.)
  • Kroger Cottage Cheese, Dips & Sour Cream (cheaper than Aldi)
  • Pillbury Biscuits and Rolls (Several Q's out there .25/1 or .50/2)
  • Tortilla Chips & Pretzels (same as Aldi)
  • Apples $1/lb good price for Dillons but Aldi tends to run sales, I bought 3 lb. of Gala apples for 1.19 this week.
  • Aquafresh Toothpaste (use .75/1 making this FREE)
  • Colgate Plus Toothbrushes (use .75/1 making these FREE)
  • Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouch $1 (use $1/1 Q from Vocal Point to makes these FREE)
  • Extra Large Red Bell Peppers
  • Avocado (Aldi usually has these for less, but Dillons usually have ones that don't need as much ripening.)
  • Mentos Gum (use .55/1 Q making these FREE)

Other Deals Worth Noting:

  • 1.99lb. Sterling Silver Ground Chuck (Stock Up at this price)
  • B1G1 Pork Loin in Bag or Boneless Pork Chops (usually scans 1/2 price)
  • BIGI USDA Select Boneless Top Bottom Round Roast or Steak (usually scans 1/2 price)
  • 10lb. Kroger Value Russet Potatoes 2.99
  • General Mills Cereal still $1.67 (use .50/1 Q to make these .67)
  • Kroger 6-8 oz. Bar or Shredded Cheese 1.88 (Aldi had cheese still priced at 1.29 for 8 oz. cheese blocks on Sunday.)
  • Kroger Pasta Sauce .99 (same as Aldi)
  • Pacific Salmon Fillets 50% off
  • Campbell's Tomato Soup .80 (use .40/2 making these .40/can)
  • Pork Shoulder Roast 1.79/lb
  • Asparagus 1.77lb.
  • Organic Apples 2.50/3lbs

Did you see anything else this week? Let me know.

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