Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday Boys

Today is my husband's birthday and Saturday is our little guys birthday. Talk about a birthday week. I love birthdays and love to make a big fuss, unfortunately this year the fuss is going to have to wait. We'll be celebrating my husband's birthday tomorrow night. Complete with Tacos, the real kind & peanut butter pie.

This recipe was a favorite made by his grandmother growing up. It's easy to throw together and is a crowd pleaser.

Grandma Jean's Peanut Butter Pie
For a 9 inch pie
1 baked pie crust (you decide what you want to do. I tend to make my own, but store bought crusts work well too.)
1 large box vanilla pie filling
2 c. cold milk
1 container cool whip
1 c. chunky peanut butter
1 c. powdered sugar

Prepare your pie crust, make sure you prick the bottom of your crust with a fork and bake according to recipe you are using.

Once this is baked and cooled it's time for the filling. In a small bowl cut powdered sugar into crunchy peanut butter using a pastry blender. You may have to add a little more sugar, you'll want a crumbly consistency. Save 1/4 c. of this peanut butter sugar mixture and set aside. Pour the remaining in the bottom of your pie crust.

In a new bowl mix 1 large box pudding with 2 c. cold milk, then add 1/2 container of cool whip and mix well. Pour on top of peanut butter crumbs.

Allow to sit for several hours. Just before serving top with remaining cool whip and sprinkle the peanut butter crumb mixture you set aside. Enjoy!

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