Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Worth Signing Up for

I've always intended to sign up for Farmland coupons, but always forgot. I finally did it a few weeks ago and boy was it worth the 2 minutes it took me. They sent me these beauties. Since farmland sausage was on sale this past week at Dillons for $1.00 I was able to get 8 packages of sausage for FREE! Stop what you're doing and head on over to Farmland and sign up for their coupons.
Also I'm a big fan of Vocalpoint. They send some great coupons usually with one FREE coupons and several high dollar coupons a long with it. I've loved stocking up on cereals using vocalpoint coupons. If your not a member I highly suggest you also take time to sign up for these. It's worth the energy.
Enjoy these fabulous coupons!

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