Wednesday, June 17, 2009

10 places I find my coupons

Since I left my coupons in the car, which is parked at the airport I won't be able to post the Dillons deals this week, instead I thought I'd share a little bit about where I find coupons.

Maybe you're new to coupons, maybe you're a pro, or maybe you might want to start using these paper beauties. One thing is for sure they are a blessing and can be found in a variety of places.

Here are the places where I usually get my coupons.

1. Sunday paper. This one is pretty obvious. We got an awesome deal and subscribed to the Wichita Eagle. I've found they have a good supply of coupons each week, although some are better than others. I usually only get one paper a week, unless there are some hot high dollar coupons and then I usually head to the newsstand and purchase another copy. I've heard you can buy a Sunday paper for $1.00 at the Dollar store throughout the week. I've never tried it, so this is pure rumor. Give your store a call before you rush over there. If you live in a smaller town try to get a larger newspaper on Sunday. They tend to carry a better selection of coupons.

2. Family. My mom is awesome about giving me diaper coupons. I always have an abundance of these thanks to my mom.

3. Non Coupon Users. If you know someone who has a subscription to the Sunday paper but just tosses their coupons ask if you can have them. Volunteer to come pick them up from them, and make sure you do so in a timely fashion so it's not causing them clutter.

4. Mailing lists. It pays off to join Huggies and Pampers programs because you'll receive some valuable coupons in the mail. Dillons (Kroger) has been sending out some amazing coupons pretty regularly these days. I've enjoyed the added coupons they are providing on top of the coupons that they send out several times a year based on what you've purchased and what they want you to purchase.

5. Vocal Point. If you haven't signed up for this, you need to. It's awesome and they tend to send some high dollar coupons your direction. Often I get coupons for Free products on top of a handful of high dollar coupons for that same product. Usually every couple of months I get a nice envelope from them and I'm always so giddy about opening it. Go here to sign up.

6. Freebies. I often sign up for Freebies, on top of getting a free sample most of the time they tend to come with a high dollar coupon. It pays off to have a junk email as you'll get quite a few emails from signing up for these.

7. Magazines. I subscribe to several magazines that I have gotten for free from Reward Gold. There are usually several coupons in each magazine. Another great magazine for coupons is All You. I've only purchased this a couple of times. You can browse through it at Walmart and make the call if they coupons in the magazine are worth it to you. Usually I don't shell out the dough to buy a magazine just for the coupons, but that's just me.

8. Internet Printable Coupons (IP). Now we're rolling. It seems like there are more and more sites offering Internet printables. Some of these sites work differently. Some may only release a certain amount every month after they are taken they are gone ( Others allow everyone to print off throughout the month. Generally you are limited to print two coupons per computer.

Some of my favorite places to find Internet coupons are (link found at the bottom of the page) releases new coupons at the start of each month. Make sure you check these out at the beginning of the month because they only release a certain number of each coupon, once that has been met you are gone.

Red Plum Grocery and Household coupons
Mambo Sprouts Organic food coupons

****Word to the wise about IP coupons. I tend to print only products I know I can find on sale, or high dollar coupons that I know will disappear fast. It's not worth my ink to print all of them off and never use them. Since I've followed this system I've only kicked myself a couple of times for not printing off a coupon.

9. Grocery store. I always keep my eyes peeled for tear pads and coupon dispensers at the grocery store. Even if I don't buy the product that day I usually grab a few, usually three. (Don't be a coupon snob and grab the whole pile, that's very inconsiderate.) Dillons also usually has a free magazine in the organic foods section. Be sure to pick one of these up as there are some good coupons in there for organic products. And you just never know if you'll find a stack of coupons someone didn't want near a product. I've seen this quite often, usually around diapers and usually because these are about to expire. People are very sweet in our neck of the woods.

10. Coupons you can load to your grocery loyalty card. Cellfire,, P&G esaver, and Bringing Hope to the Table are 4 different ways to bring even more savings to your grocery bill. Check these site to see if they are compatible to the grocery stores nearest you. All of these work at Kroger stores. You can load a max of 50 coupons at one time per card.

That's it, those are the 10 places I tend to find my coupons.

Happy Coupon Hunting!

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