Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekly $ Report $45.06

I spent $46.16 this week on groceries and I didn't use a single coupon, shocking I know! Looking at my pictures I feel like I didn't get as much this week. It's amazing how much coupons will add to your buying power. I'm looking forward to next week's trip to Dillons I have a stack of coupons just waiting to be used.

For the month I came out $202.98. I was close to my $50/week food budget this month and I was able to give several meals to our family. I love to see how God provides ways for us to do that.

Aldi 31.18

Whole Milk 2.35
Skim Milk 2.30
Sugar 2.53
Baby Carrots .99
Carrots .99
Vanilla Wafers 1.19
Tomatoes .99
Sweet Corn 1.29
Nectarines and Peaches .29 each
Avocado .99
Cucumbers .49
Broccoli 1.49
Tortillas .99
Marshmallows .85
Bread 1.29
Eggs .89
Cheddar 1.29
Mozerella 1.29
Lunchmeat 2.99

Dillons 14.08

Garlic .40
Watermelon 3.99
Sweet Potatoes .95
Garbanzo Beans 1.55
Ham 6.45

Wal-Mart .90
4.64 lb. Bananas

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