Saturday, June 6, 2009

Deals of the Week

Wow this week was filled with all sorts of saving at the grocery store. I was very happy to stock back up on some chicken and frozen veggies. Our freezer was looking a little bare. I seem to have misplaced my Aldi receipt so I'll share my best deals of the week. I also picked up some bananas this week for 1.00 at Walmart and another gallon of milk at Braums for 2.79. My grand total this week was $55.19. I was a little over this week, but needed to stock up on a few things. I plan to make this up throughout the month.

Aldi $20.41
Strawberries .88 package!
Watermelon 2.99
Eggs .77

$32.99 groceries
8 packages of frozen veggies 1.00 each
1 container cottage cheese 1.00
Freezer Jam Pectin 1.85 each
4 tubs of cool whip 2.00
Sweet potatoes 1.36
Bread .99 (used 1.00/MF)
2 packages pasta 1.79 each (used 1.00/MF)
Ritz Crackers 1.99 (use 1.00 MF)
Ranch Dressing FREE (catalina coupon from Dillons)
Cheerios FREE (used coupon from Dillons mailer)
Yo Baby Yogurt FREE (catalina coupon from Dillons)
Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs FREE (Used FREE MF)
$11.96 on diapers

And my deal of the week.....5 jumbo packs of Pampers MS for 3.25. I had enough 1.00/1 MF coupons to make these $2.25 a pack!!!! I have a shower to go to this weekend and was planning on buying some diapers. I was able to pick up several packs for this new mom to be! What a blessing to be able to give her more than I had anticipated. I almost missed out on this amazing deal, had I not missed something on my list and not gone back through the store I would have not have seen this incredible deal.


  1. Loved the crouton recipe (as you probably saw in my blog). I am definitely going to try those cake balls too! How fun and yummy!

  2. Wait, where did you get that great deal on diapers?


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