Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cheap & Easy Cards

I don't remember the last time I actually purchased a Hallmark Card. I used to love that place, but I've been a bit taken back by the prices recently. I can think of several other things I would rather spend $5 on than on a card that will most likely be thrown away.

Instead I tend to make my own cards. A few weeks ago I was working on sending a package to our niece who was having a birthday and as I went through my stash of finished cards I realized I didn't have a single card for a child's birthday. I was pressed for time and needed to run the package to the post office so this is what I did....it's so simple.

Using the same wrapping paper that I wrapped her gift in I traced a blank card (or you make your own by cutting a piece of card stock in half and folding in in half). I cut out the rectangle and glued it to the front. Added a 'wish' sticker from my scrapbook stash on the front. Just like that my card was ready to go.
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  1. I've stopped going to Hallmark years ago and recently I saw one that completely closed down. I guess everyone else is thinking the same thing. I can usually get my cards for 50% off at my local grocery store, so that's where I usually go, although making my own would be even better.

  2. That's a great idea!

    Also, I still like Hallmark's 99-cent cards. :)


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