Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly $ Report

I had $40 to spend this week and I'm officially under budget this week by .04! Whew...$39.96 I DID IT. It's always a stretch when I have to make up ground in our budget and a nice little juggling act of figuring out what our true needs are for the week. Here's how I spent my grocery money this week.

Aldi $21.97
Skim Milk 2.30
Whole Milk 2.35
1 lb. lunch meat 2.99
Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup .59
Bread 1.29
Tortillas .99
Strawberries .99 each
Cheese 1.29
Mustard .69
Green Peppers 1.69
Eggs .79
Nectarines .29 each
Cantaloupe .99 each

Walgreen's $4.07 food & $3.61 household products
Align CenterMac & Cheese .51 each
Honey Nut Cheerios .99 each
3 pads of paper .99
Markers 1.99

Dillons $10.58
Pringles $1.14 each (bummed I didn't have another coupon for these but I needed the cans for VBS this week)
Sausage 1.50 each
Bread .78
Graham Crackers 1.38
Milk Chocolate Chips 1.99
lunch meat .59

Walmart $1.75

Bananas .88
Maragarine .77


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