Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekly $ Report

We have enjoyed some special treats at our house this week due to the Mega Event at Dillons. I rarely buy juice and it's something that my husband really loves. The best part is I came in underbudget, $40.46 which is always nice, but I did forget to pick up a few things, so they will make to make it on this week's list.. Here's how I stretched my grocery budget this week.

Aldi $15.52
Whole Milk 2.35
Skim Milk 2.30
Unsalted Butter 1.85
Flour 1.46
Plums 1.74
Baby Carrots .99
Chocolate Chips 1.69
Bread 1.29
Eggs .89

groceries $21.07 & household products $4.55

2 boxes Ziplock bags 1.14 each
Ritz Crackers 2.75
Wheat Thins-Free
Red Grapes 3.29
Sugar 1.78
2 Velveeta Cups FREE
4 Ears of Corn 1.00
Green Grapes 2.52
*2 bags Chex Mix 1.00 each
*Sunny D Smoothie FREE
*Sunny D OJ FREE
*2 bags Kraft Shredded Cheese 1.29 each
*Keebler Cookies .99
*Fiber One Yogurt FREE
*2 packagesZiplock Containers 1.00 each

Braums 2.97
Whole Milk
Walmart .90

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