Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weekly $ Report

I've been misplacing things recently: the checkbook, my library card and now my receipts. Thankfully I wrote down how much I spent at each store but unfortunately I don't know how much I spent on each item. It's no surprise I was overbudget since I bought soda and a bunch of blueberries at Aldi. I guess I'll have to pull from what we have this coming week. This week I spent $64.67, since I was under by about $5 last week, this means I'll have about $40 to spend on groceries this coming week.

Dillons $36.96

Aldi $20.73
Blueberries were .99, so I couldn't pass up that deal. Unfortunately my toddler broke out into hives due to them. He loved them and I'm really sad about this little allergy. So I've had to enjoy these when he's asleep, or else he starts begging for some blueberries.

Braum's $6.98
2 gallons whole milk
1 dozen eggs
Have a great Saturday!


  1. Soda's a budget killer at my house too. I gave it up years ago, but hubby drinks it CONSTANTLY and goes through 2-3 12 packs a week. It's a hard habit to kick!

  2. My hubby loves his soda too, but those blueberries are going to be sooo good.


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