Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to the Kitchen

The last few days we have been enjoying "tasty" microwaveable meals in the waiting room of the hospital. I am very thankful there was a microwave for visitors, it certainly was a blessing. But I think we are all dying for some real food, the kind that the veggies are not rehydrated.

Since my dad had his transplant he has been doing very well. We have felt the hand of God working the past few days. He truly has taken our worries away. Since our toddler cannot go into my dad's room we returned back home and I'm very thankful for this little break.

This week's menu will reflect a few things I picked up at my parent's house that needed to be eaten before they spoiled. Which include lots of produce!!! I had to change up my original menu a bit, but thankfully don't have many things to pick up this week at the grocery store.

Bagels &Fruit
English Muffins & Fruit
Toast & Fruit
Cold Cereal & Fruit


Monday-Sausage Cheese Balls, Zucchini, Side Salad & Watermelon
Tuesday-Hot Dogs, Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob
Wednesday-BBQ cups, Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob
Thursday-Tuna Burgers, Peas, Side Salad
Friday-Kristie's Magically Moist Chicken, side salad & peas
Sunday-I have no idea, hopefully I'll have some leftovers around

Now I better go tackle that heaping mountain of laundry. For more meal plans check out Org Junkie.

Happy Meal Planning!


  1. Glad to hear your dad is doing well. I'm sure its nice to get back to the comfort of your routine and some good home-cooked meals. Good luck :)

  2. I love corn on the cob and salad. :P

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    Have a blessed rest of the week! :)


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