Monday, September 21, 2009

Meal Plan

It's another odd week for our family, we're in two cities for a few days, but we're making it work.

Here's the plan:

Monday- Chicken Parmesan Fingers over Garlic Spaghetti, Cooked Carrots & Salad

Tuesday- (Breakfast) Blueberry Overnight Coffee Cake
Veggie Hamburger Soup in the crockpot for my husband & biscuits (take a little with us for dinner)

Wednesday- Leftover Soup for hubs (Spaghetti for us)

Thursday-Hubs enjoying dinner with friends (Grilled Cheese & Canned Soup for us)

Friday-Eating at a football game, I'm assuming it will be burgers.

Saturday-My husband's 10 year reunion!

Sunday- With Family

I told you it was a little weird week. I'm looking forward to some normalcy, but from the looks of the next month this might be normal. I hope your meal plan looks better than mine this week. Need some ideas check out Meal Plan Monday's Home over at Org Junkie.


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