Friday, September 18, 2009

Being a Family

As much as I love doing things together as a family, today I was reminded once again of how important it is just to BE family. This morning as I was cleaning up the morning dishes my son came and set up a little "picnic" in the middle of the kitchen floor. He brought two bowls, two cups and two plastic peach slices. He set everything up, folded his little hands and started naming off the list of people to pray for. I glanced over and his little eyes met mine and then he asked me to sit down, he even said please! So for the next 5 minutes we had a little picnic. It was a precious part of my day and such a great reminder that being a family involves me engaging him in his world. I want to BE more of a family and DO less this weekend. How bout you?

Enjoying those gifts God has given me!

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