Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making Register Rewards Work

Well the Easy Saver Rebate program is over, sniff sniff, but it appears that Register Rewards are in abundance. For those unfamiliar to Register Rewards, they are coupons that print out after your purchase that are good for store credit on your next purchase.

The trick to rolling Register Rewards (RR), getting more RR when paying with a RR, is that you cannot use them for the same product, if this happens you will not get a new register reward. Register Rewards are usually sponsored by a specific brand and as long as you use your register reward to purchase a different product you should be fine at the register. Clear as mud?

Take this week’s RR deals Purchase the Nivea body wash and get a RR for 4.99 you can then use this to purchase the Rembrandt toothpaste and you will get another RR for 5.99. The trick is knowing which products are under the same brand so start familiarizing yourself with P&G products, Pamolive Products, etc.

You also must take into consideration your RR when counting your products and coupons. At Walgreens you must have the same amount of coupons and register rewards as products. Make sure you count up the items in your cart before you check out because if you have more coupons than items you’ll hear an unfortunate beep at the register.

The best way to utilize RR in my option is to try to limit your out of pocket costs as much as possible. Often this means multiple transactions. Get to know the cashiers at your Walgreens, mine know me now and know that I often make multiple transactions. It’s a blessing to be known by the cashiers as long as you are sweet to them and don’t make their job a nightmare. I also like to check out when there isn’t a line to avoid frustrated customers, if there is a line and I want to do multiple transactions I often jump back in line. I like to shop on Monday mornings because I know the store isn’t as busy at that time.

I hope this helps you make the most of your Walgreens. I’ve been so thankful for the savings I have had at Walgreens. Let me know if you have any questions.

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