Saturday, April 4, 2009

Weekly $ Report

Well since this week falls in two months I went ahead and counted it in April, since that is when I did my shopping. So instead of a $200/month budget this month we had a $250 budget.

This week I have spent.....$27.17

Which brings our monthly total to $236.22! Under budget! SWEET.

Here are my groceries from this week, it's significantly smaller than most weeks, but it certainly has gotten us through. I was very close to getting another .10 off gasoline coupon, so I wanted to use some coupons to help get me there, which explains the Pillsbury and Buddies. We did get some fruit this week, it was generously given to us by my parents 2 lb of strawberries and 1 pineapple. I do believe that was an answer to prayer, he is good to us!

Dillons 14.88
3 Johnson's Buddies Soap FREE
2 8th Generation Soy Milk 2.15 each used 2 coupons
1 MS Soy Milk 1.39
4 tubes of Pillsbury $1.60 use 3 coupons
2 containers cottage cheese 2.00
3.25 lb. Grapes 2.86
1 Avocado .50
1 loaf of bread 1.00

Aldi 11.52
Asparagus .99
Sweet potatoes .99
Lunch Meat 2.99
Bag of Spinach .99
2 blocks of 8 oz. cheese 1.29
Skim Milk 2.30

Walmart $0.77

Bananas .18lb on Thursday, price matched this to Leeker's. .77

Walgreens $21.42 OOP

Pepsi 12 packs 4/$12 & received $3 RR
2 Bottles Dawn .50 each
Chapstick 1.99 but received $2 RR
Reynold's Wrap .11 OVERAGE

Transaction #2 used $3 in RR from the Pepsi
Wal-itin 6.99 (I will submit this for a 6.99 Rebate)

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  1. great job.. we've been eating asparagus like water here.. but paying about $6.00 for two bushels... mmmmm... we've been grilling it up!!


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