Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I Love Life with One Car

Shortly after returning to the states last year we had to make some heavy purchases, one of which was a vehicle. We were committed to staying debt free, but we also wanted something reliable that would also get great gas mileage. The Lord placed this little Corolla in our laps and we love it. It's the only vehicle we own and we make it work.

A few of the benefits of having one vehicle is that we only have to fill one car up with gas, and we save a lot of money by only paying to insure & maintain one vehicle as opposed to two.

Having one vehicle takes some work and cooperation but it works for us in this season of life we are in. When my husband was job searching he accepted a job within biking distance of our house, rather than a job across town. This has made this arrangement very easy during the summer & fall months, but during the winter we had to makes some adjustments. I learned how to run all my errands during the same day and to go back before the next week.

Having one car has allowed me to get moving and to discover our neighborhood. I found out that there is a park within walking/jogging distance, the grocery store is only about 2 miles away, and Target is only a mile away. I not only get a good workout in, but I also don't feel stuck at home. By traveling on foot I am also limited to how much I can buy, which limits me spending money on unnecessary things.

We've also been able to invite people over, if we are without a vehicle. My toddler always loves it when he has a buddy to play with. It changes it up a bit and doesn't make us feel stir crazy.

If having one vehicle isn't an option for you family, how about carpooling to work. You can trade off weeks and I'm sure you'll start noticing the savings on gas in a hurry. Try having several no spend days each week where you don't step foot inside a store, it will save you time and money.

So it is possible to be a one car family living in the Midwest, where public transportation is very.....underdeveloped. It's works for us.

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  1. We've been a one car family for many years now, and it really isn't all that difficult for us. I am a stay-at-home mom, so that makes a difference, but I just take my husband to work on the days I need the car. We do plan these days carefully, however, to be as efficient as possible! It is a good way to help encourage me to stay home and accomplish what needs to be done at home! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to make this a possible alternative for many.

  2. We've been doing the "One Car Shuffle" for many years.
    Public transit, walking, car pooling have worked well for us.
    If we need a car for trips or when the car is having repair we just rent.
    I think we'll start seeing more families becoming doing "the dance" as the economy continues to tank. And it's a good thing.

  3. Our second car broke down in December and it has been sitting in our driveway since then. We haven't missed it except for the one day a month that I have to run errands for work. Luckily I have great in-laws that let us borrow a car on that day. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. We are a one car family right now too. Our second car was ancient, and someone offered to buy it. We jumped at the chance! So far it has worked for us. It helps that my husband and I both work at home, and it has definitely saved us money!

  5. both our family and daughters family is one car family and it works out well


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