Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Married a Cheese Guzzler...and birthed one too

My guys love cheese. Earlier this week I was preparing dinner and I finished grating some cheese so I removed the top of my cheese grater and my toddler snatched it. The next thing I knew I looked over and my son is licking the cheese off the back (thank goodness he wasn’t licking on the grating part). So I took it away from him and he immediately started picking up all the little shreds that had fallen on the floor, now that' a cheese lover. My husband likes to joke around and call me the cheese police because I often leave notes on the packages of cheese I buy that say 'do not eat' or 'saving until a certain date'. Since we are trying to stay on budget cheese is something that could easily blow our budget, and our waistlines. I try to stretch it as far as it will go.

One of the ways I do this is I try to find meals that do not need cheese, and if I am making a dish that requires it I don’t use all that the recipe calls for. But the easiest way I stretch the cheese I buy is through grating it myself on the finer side of the grater. By doing this you can cover a larger area with less cheese. I also measured how many cups I can grate from one 8 oz bar of cheese, it’s 3. That’s 1 cup more than buying it in the bags and often it is the same price. What a steal, not to mention it melts beautifully.

I simply grate an entire bar at a time and put it in a baggie in the fridge. I haven't been happy about the texture of freezing bars of cheese, but I've had success freezing my grated cheese. Now at Aldi you can buy an 8 oz block for $1.29.

This makes all of our family happy, the cheese lovers and the budget keepers. I don’t know about you but that Works for Me! For more great ideas check out We’re That Family.


  1. My boys love cheese too... that's a 3 yr old and Hubby. I tend to use less cheese in recipes too allowing for some munchie cheese when they desperately want it.

  2. Great tip! My husband is a cheese freak too! He also has the very annoying habit of eating uncooked pasta. It's the strangest thing. I hide pasta all over the house... It never fails, pasta left in the pantry will be GONE!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Umm, cheese. In this house we are all cheese lovers. I also grate my own cheese. Not only is it typically cheaper, but I also think it tastes better.

  4. I love to stock up on cheese if there's a good sale, grate it and freeze it! I'm the cheese freak around my house! I know what you mean about blowing your waistline! :)

  5. We had trouble with my husband who is also a cheese guzzler - my solution? Make him hand grate it every time HE wants it. And we didn't have the nice auto graters...let's just say the block lasted much longer!


  6. We go through an 8oz bag every two days! I didn't know you could freeze it grated...I'll have to try that.


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