Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekly $ Report

Well this week went better than last week and I managed to cut a little deeper this week to help balance out the amount I went over last week, but I still need to cut a few dollars from each week's budget in order to come in on target this month.

This week I spent $39.27 on food, I was under my $44 readjusted budget, so I was pleased. Since I gained a bit this week I can spend $47.19 this coming week.

Dillons $21.22

Sun Chips 2/4.75 used coupon from Dillons Mailer

Cheerios FREE used coupon from Dillons Mailer

2 -half gallons soy milk 4.38 used coupon

Kashi Frozen Dinner FREE w/ coupon

Spaghetti Sauce .99

Mozzarella Cheese $1.23 used coupon from Dillons Mailer

2 lb. Grapes 1.66

Whole Wheat Noodles 1.50

Dannon Plain Yogurt .63

Sour Cream .99

Cantaloupe 2.00

Bananas .71

Toothbrush FREE

MS Skim Milk 1.00 (not pictured)

Aldi $18.05

Onions 1.19

Bananas .99

Green Peppers 1.99

Pickles 1.49

Cream of Mushroom Soup .49

1 lb. lunch meat 2.99

Unsalted Butter 1.99

8 oz. Cheddar Cheese 1.29

Flour Tortillas .99

Bag of Spinach 1.49 (not pictured)

Marshmallows .79

Bread 1.29

Walgreens Trip #1

I spent about $16 for all this stuff off of my gift card and got back 10 RR!

Smart Balance BIGI Free 2.99 minus $1/2

2 pkgs Diapers 10 each used 2 $5/1 MF =10.00 will turn in for $1.50 rebate at Caregiver's marketplace

Huggies Wipes $6 used .50/1 MF=5.50

Lasting Impressions 7.99 used $4/1 MF & $4/1 ES=FREE

2 Sense & Spray 7.99 used BIGI FREE & 2 $4/1 ES=3.99 (should have been free but cashier rang up Walgreens coupons first, bummer!)

Edge Shave Gel 1.99 (should have received $1 RR but didn't print and I didn't notice it.)

Walgreens Trip #2

used about $11 from my gift card and paid 11.35 OOP then received 10 RR

3 pkgs Huggies Natural Fit used 3-$3/1 MF

Will turn in for Caregiver's Marketplace rebate $2.25!

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