Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekly $ Report

So this past week didn't go so well according to our $50/week budget which means this coming week I'll have to be extra frugal. Yikes. I always seems to start the month off going crazy and then I have to make up for it, why is that? hmmmmm......

Well I did get stocked up on some meat and milk, which is one of the reasons I am very much over budget this week. I spent $66.35. I did the math and this leaves me about $44 to spend for the next three weeks, or I can come amazingly under budget this week to take care of the 16.35 I went over. We'll see what happens.

Dillons Trip #1

2 pkgs Pork Tenderloin 13.79!

MS Organic Eggs .99!

Star Kist Tuna Pouch Free (use coupon)

10 lb. Potatoes 2.99

Pretzels 1.00

Spaghetti Sauce .99

Cottage Cheese 1.00

Enchilada Sauce .79

2 Cans Dole Pineapple Tidbits 1.00 (used a coupon)

4 cans Tomato Soup .40/each (used 2 coupons)

MS Lactose Free Milk 2.09

Soy Milk 2.69


Lettuce 1.09

Hamburger Buns .89

2 lb. Grapes 1.78

Tomatoes 1.29

Gallon Skim Milk 2.44

Eggs 1.19

2 bars 8 oz. Cheese 1.29 each!

Pkg American Cheese Slices 1.49

Canola Oil 2.79

Flour 1.46

Rice 1.79

Broccoli 1.49

BBQ sauce 1.19

Dillons Trip #2 $7.37 Lemon Lime Soda-For a Sick Hubby .80

MS Soy Milk 1.39

2 MS Skim Milk .99 each

MS 1/2 % Milk 1.00

4 pack cottage cheese .25!

2 Cans Progresso Soup-For a Sick Hubby .75 each

Walgreens 3.49 OOP

I did two transactions this week.
First I bought the Colgate and used a .75/1 coupons I paid 2.75 OOP
I received a RR for 3.29 for buying the Colgate
Then I bought the Wal-Zyr which was on sale for 3.99. I used my 3.29 RR and paid .74 OOP. But I can turn the Wal-Zyr in for a 3.99 Rebate for the March's Easy Saver Rebate. So I should get back more than I spent, plus I'll get a 10% Bonus for having this added to my Walgreen's gift card at the end of the month. SWEET!
Be inspired to stay on budget along with several others at Grocery Cart Challenge this week.

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