Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekly $ Report

WOW, apparently the calculator in my head was not working this week, because I've gone over again. I don't know why but I felt very ill prepared when I went to the grocery store this week. I forgot to put back some of my envelopes in my coupon pouch and I had pulled out an expired coupon for diapers so we had to stop by Dillons on the way home from small group, which is why you'll see two Dillons trips this week. So this next week calls for some major frugal action, I'm digging into our pantry and seeing what we can come up with. I'm hoping only to buy the necessities this coming week. Wish me luck!

Totals for the week:
Food $55.19 I was aiming to spend around $47 this week
Housing $9.21
Diapers $13.98 we keep a separate category for diapers

Dillons Round 1
$26.70 food & $2.67 housing products
$25.45 food & $1.99 housing products

MEGA SALE ITEMS 2 boxes Fruit Roll Ups 2.83
MEGA SALE ITEMS 2 Land-O-Lakes Spreadable Butter .19 each
MEGA SALE ITEMS 2 pints Ice cream .50 each
MEGA SALE ITEMS Ken's Salad Dressing .79
MEGA SALE ITEMSBaby Shampoo 1.50

2 boxes Huggies Gentle Care Wipes FREE
3 Johnson's Buddies Soap FREE
2 Soy Milk 5.38
Sweet Potatoes 2.23
Red Tape Bananas 1.05
Cantaloupe 1.58
Strawberries 1.88
Whipping Cream 1.39

Quick Oats 1.79
Skim Milk 2.37
Ketchup 1.15
Flour 1.46
1 lb. lunch meat 2.99
2 bars 8 oz cheese 1.29
14 oz. mustard .69
Lettuce .99
Roma Tomatoes 1.19
Onions .69
American Cheese Slices 1.49
Carrots .49!
Cabbage .69!
Avocados .89
Flour Tortillas .99
Brown Sugar 1.19
Bread 1.29
Eggs .89
Sandwich bags 1.99

Dillons round 2 $2.36 food & $13.98 diapers
2 boxes Huggies Gentle Care Wipes FREE
3 Johnson's Buddies Bath Soap FREE
2 Jumbo pks Huggies 13.98 (turned in for 1.25 rebate)
Whole Wheat Flour 2.36

done in two transactions $9.21 OOP I used 2 $10 RR and sadly no MF Qs!
(I will get $18.98 back in rebates)

Rubber Gloves 3/$1
Headache Relief 2.99
Axe Shampoo 5.99
Hunts Tomato Sauce .39/each
Right Guard Deodorant 5.99
Peanut Butter 3.49 each
Pudding 2.19

Wal-Mart $0.68
3 lb. Bananas (price matches these on Thursday) .68

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