Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Meal Plan

Well we will be digging deep into our pantry & freezer this week. As you can tell we don't have too much to dig from, but remember that oil jar that kept giving in 2 Kings 4. I'm asking that God stretches things for us this week. I'm hoping to spend around $30 this week at my regular stores, Dillons & Aldi. Check back later this week to see how I came out at Sam's club.

For breakfast we'll be eating up we have in our freezer, so waffles, muffins & bagels.

For lunches we'll enjoy our leftovers and possibly have some scrambled eggs and mini pizzas. (I never got those made last week, oops.) I'll also make up some no bake cookies for my hubby's lunch and he'll also take some chex mix with his sandwich and banana.
Snacks will look much the same as they have the last few weeks, fruit, cheese, raisins, bread and my toddler's current obsession, crackers.

Monday-Avacado, Beans & Rice, Asparagus & fruit

Tuesday-Jamacian Chicken, side of black beans & cubed sweet potatoes

Wednesday-Pizza Pasta Bake, Spinach Salad & fruit maybe homemade french bread

Thursday-Leftover Night

Friday-Calzones on the road & carrot sticks (cooked for my toddler)

Saturday-Out of town visiting family

Sunday-heading home (might grab a $5 sub from subway, one tends to feed our entire family)

Check back on Thursday to find the recipe for Avocado, Beans & Rice & Caribbean Chicken. I may even post one for an easy chocolate cake recipe that is great without frosting.

I'm also bringing a meal to a family in our church who recently had a baby. I'm bringing them:

BBQ meatballs, homemade mac & cheese, cooked carrots, chocolate cake and probably homemade french bread.

For more great ideas check out Menu plan Monday headquarters over at orgjunkie.

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