Sunday, August 16, 2009

Menu for the Week

I'm excited to try quite a few new recipes this week. It's very strange to go almost 2 weeks with only 1 new recipe. New recipes I'm trying have an asterisk beside it so I can't vouch for them yet, but they looked pretty tasty when I found them. There have only been a couple of recipes I've tried over the past year that didn't make it into our cookbook. I love adding to our family favorite cookbook and hope these will be keepers.

Here's the game plan is this week:

Nothing special for breakfast or lunches. Cold cereal, leftovers, pretty boring.

Monday: *Crockpot Rigatoni, Homemade French bread, Garden Salad & Cooked Carrots

Tuesday: *Italian Squash Boats, w/ leftover loaf of french bread, & side salad

Wednesday: *Cuban Chicken Salad w/ chips & fruit

Thursday: Tamale Pie (modified and cooked in crockpot), tomato wedges (hopefully from garden) & fruit

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: (Our for lunch) Grilling Pork Chops, Side Salad, Deviled Eggs & steamed zucchini

Sunday: *Greek Zucchini Pie & fruit (Popcorn and snack food for dinner)

For more great meal plans check out Org Junkie.


  1. OOoooh the crockpot rigatoni looks good, let us know what you think!

  2. thanks for delicious recipes they all sound great

  3. Hope to see you at Crock Pot Wednesdays on this week. Thanks for posting. Debbie

  4. THe Rigatoni sounds sooooo good. If I had sausage in the frig, I'd make it tomorrow. looks like I'll have to add sausage to my grocery list!


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