Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekly $ Report

I've had an off week and I blame it all to lack of preparation. Usually before the month starts I have a nice little list of meals to make that I've seen on various blogs. This month I had nothing and we left to go out of town without even a thought about our menu. I felt rushed in menu planning even more so as I made my list. I even went to the grocery store with my shaky list still at home.

Thanks to my poor planning I've had to go back to the store twice this week. Despite this shaky ill prepared week I still came in under budget, $43.00. I'm hoping to do a lot of pulling from the pantry this coming week, we'll see how little I can spend since there aren't any great deals I feel I must stock up on.

Dillons $15.84 groceries

MS Little Smokies 1.99
MS Spinach 1.29
2 big boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios 4.98 combined (bummed my cellfire Q didn't work)
Plain Yogurt .50
Sherbet 1.79
Whipping Cream 1.39
MS Activia Yogurt FREE
Green Onions .64
Cheese 1.88

Aldi $25.23

Milk 2.35
1/2 gallon milk 1.41
Cucumbers .59
Seedless Watermelon 3.99
10 lb. bag potatoes 2.99
Cantaloupe .99
Eggs 1.09
Cabbage 1.09
Tortillas .99
Carrots .99
Cottage Cheese 1.99
Bread 1.29
2 cans Mandarin Oranges .45 each
Fudge for Ice Cream 1.89
Grape Jelly 1.19

Walmart & Target 1.92
.92 Bananas (Wal-mart)
1.00 Clearance Annie's Mac & Cheese (Target)

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