Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What time is it????

I'm not sure about you but I'm terrible at knowing what time it is. I haven't owned a watch in over 4 years and most of the time I rely on my cell phone for a quick check at the time. Occasionally problems will arise when I must get something done for dinner and I just plain forget leaving not enough time to get it done.

One day I decided to set the alarm on my phone for things that needed to get done during the day and I've been doing it since. It's especially helpful when I have to start bread for dinner in the middle of the afternoon. I will confess there have been many times I have forgotten and it's too late to get it going in time for dinner. This new little reminder has saved the day and helped get dinner on the table as planned.

photo courtesy of www.freefoto.com

This definitely Works for Me this Wednesday! Now I'm off to set my alarm for some homemade yogurt.

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  1. I have my Google Calendar tied to my phone calendar and it gives me pop up alerts when I specify. I love it and it really does help to keep me on track.


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