Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dillons Deals 5/13-5/19

I'm excited for this week at Dillons, it looks like a great week to stock up on Cheese and my family goes through it like you wouldn't believe.

Red Ripe on the Vine Tomatoes .98/lb
Fresh Express Garden Salad .88
New Crop Sweet Red Cherries 3.99 lb.
Ripe-N-Ready to Eat Haas Avocados or Mangoes 1.00
Vidalia Sweet onions .77/lb.
DelMonte Gold Pineapple 2.99 each

Tyson Fresh Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs .99/lb
Honeysuckle Fresh Ground Turkey Breast or Turkey Bratwurst, BIGI FREE $2.20 each
Ball Park Meat or Beef Franks BIGI FREE $1.90-2.60 each
Oscar Mayer Original Meat, Bologna or Cotta Salami .88
Use 1.00/2 IP Bologna Below from

Other Grocery Items
Kroger Potatoes .99
Kroger Salad Dressing .88
Kroger BBQ Sauce .59
12 pack Big K Soft Drinks 1.67
2/$5 Dillons Gallon Milk (Cheaper than Aldi this week)
Kroger Value White or Wheat Bread .79
Kroger Cheese 24 oz shreds or Bars 3.99 wyb1 or 3.49 wyb2 or 3.00 wyb3!!! (Aldi price for 24 oz. of bar cheese is 3.87)
Kroger Butter 1.99 wyb1 1.79 wyb2(good price) 1.59 wyb3!!! (Aldi's price is 1.99)
Kroger Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream 1.89 wyb1 1.79 wyb2 1.69 wyb3!!!!
Pepsi 3/$11 and get 1 free Diet Pepsi 12 pack
Kroger Yogurt 10/$4
Use .35/5 from Dillons Mailer (will not double)
Total=$1.65/5 or .33 each

General Mills Cereal 2/$5
Use .50/1 cellfire eQ and .50/1 & .55/1 shortcuts eQ Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Toaster Strudels & Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls 2/$4
Use .50/1 cellfire eQ (Toaster Strudel)
Total $1.50/1 Toaster Strudel

Green Giant Vegetables 2.69
Use .50/1 19-24 oz shortcuts eQ and .50/1 19-24 oz MF

Comforts Puff Baby Snacks 1.29
Use 1.00/2 SC from Dillons Mailer if you received it

Household products
Comforts Diapers Big Pack Box 14.97
Use 3.00/1 IP
Total=11.97 each

Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 1.99

Quilted Northern 4 pack double rolls 1.99
Tide or Downy 5.98
Use 1.00/1 MF

Let me know if you see something I missed.

Happy Savings!

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