Thursday, May 21, 2009

Utilizing Store Sales

For mother's Day this year my husband and son gave me a gift card to Kohls. I was very excited because I just signed up to receive Kohl's newsletters via e-mail and also received a $5.00 coupon to be used on anything. I knew going in that I would have $35 to spend. I wanted to use it wisely and to purchase some nice pieces.

I saw an advertisement that you could save up to an additional 30% off your entire purchase if you used your Kohl's card. We've thankfully have never had any credit card debt and we've always passed when offered store credit cards. After seeing this type of sale multiple time the last year we decided it was worth it, since this is where we shop the most for new clothing. Since we pay for pretty much everything with cash I can just paid my balance right there at the register. If you are considering store credit cards please, please, please be very careful think about it and don't do it on a whim just to save a few bucks. Most importantly never buy anything you can't afford.

I am very excited to add these (pictured below) to my wardrobe. I went looking for a few things to wear to an upcoming interview. (Being a stay at home mom I don't have a lot of business wear anymore.) I love what I found. 1 jacket on clearance for 16.80, 1 skirt on clearance for 8.00, Black sweater on clearance for 12.00 Short sleeved shirt 8.99 on sale. After my $5 coupon and 30% off this totaled 30.35! That's about 7.59 per item.

The best time of year to find some great clearance items is shortly after the season is ending. Right now Kohl's has a ton of long sleeved shirts and pants on clearance. Since I never buy clothing at full price this is good place to find some real bargains.

Make sure you look over the pieces you plan to buy, especially things on clearance. Check all seams (especially underarm and crotch seams) & buttons. Some of these might be missing, or need some minor repairs. If this is the case ask yourself it it is worth it. I passed on a long sleeved t-shirt today that was 4.00 but the seams didn't look very cheap.

Never buy anything you don't love, just because it is cheap. If you don't love it don't buy because chances are it will sit in your closet and you've wasted money. I follow this same principle anywhere I shop whether it is a garage sale or the mall. I'd rather walk out of a store with nothing than spend $10 on a shirt I'll only wear once. Lastly try it on and make sure you love it.

Happy Savings!