Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's Greek to Me

I would have to rank Greek food in my top 5 favorite types of foods. I love it. Now obviously this recipe for gyros is a bit different than the real deal, but since I don't have a spit fire grill it works for us and it tastes pretty yummy too.
Homemade Takeout Gyros $7.35 (price includes sauce, pita and toppings)
¼ c. olive oil .50½ c. minced onion .102 cloves garlic, minced .051 ½ lb. ground beef or lamb 3.00
2 T. lemon juice .01½ t. dried oregano .01
¼ t. dried rosemary .011 t. cumin .011 t. salt .01¼ t. black pepper .01
Pita bread, lettuce, slice tomatoes, sliced red onions, (.75) tzatziki sauce (2.89)

Heat 2 T. oil in skillet and sauté onions for 2 minutes, add garlic and sauté an additional 2 minutes. Transfer the onion mix to a large bowl and allow to cool.

Once cooled add meat, lemon juice, oregano, rosemary, cumin, salt, and pepper to onion mix and mix well. Form the meat into 8 patties about 2 ½ inches wide.

Heat remaining oil over medium-high heat. Add the patties and cook about 5 minutes, flip patties and heat until juices run clear. Like you would a taco pita bread with a meat patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, tzatziki and close. (If you use store bought you can actually open it up an use fill the inside, but it is absolutely delish on homemade pita. After you have homemade you'll never want to buy the store bought cardboard pita bread ever again.)

Tzatziki Sauce 2.892 c. plain yogurt strained for at least 3 hours or use Greek yogurt 2.00
1 large cucumber, peeled and seeded .80
1 large garlic clove, minced .05
1 T. olive oil .01
1 T. lemon juice .01
½ t. salt .01
1/8 t. black pepper .01

After yogurt is ready, grate the cucumber or finely chop, place it in a strainer and squeeze the cucumber to release some of it’s liquid. Add to the yogurt and combine the remaining ingredients. Makes about 2 ½ cups.
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  1. I love gyros and make mine at home pretty recipe looks really close to this one but can I make a suggestion? If you buy an english cucumber it's seedless (they usually come in plastic wrap right next to the regular cukes) and then add a sprig or two of fresh chopped dill to your sauce YUMMY!


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