Friday, May 8, 2009

Frugal Family Riverfest Fun without breaking the bank

Does your family enjoy going to festivals or theme parks? They can be great family events but often the price of admission takes a heavy dent out of your wallet, not to mention all the games, rides your kids are begging you to do. I won’t even go there on the price of food at these places.

So how do you do it on a budget?

Look for the free events before you go. Know what you are planning to do and share this with your kids. If your kids know what is going to take place next they’ll know they don’t have time to stop and buy such and such or ride that really cool looking thing in your path. Clear expectations can help elevate the family stress of all the temptations thrown your way.

Try giving your kids a budget and helping them stick to it. The week before would be a good time for your kids to earn some spending more doing a few out of the ordinary jobs around the house. Let your kids be in charge of their money and their choices, but do counsel along the way.

Try to eat a big meal before you go and if allowed bring in a few snack and water bottles to help fuel you through your day. If you can leave the park, pack a lunch and enjoy a parking lot picnic.

Today is the start of Riverfest and there are loads of fun free family events. Make sure you check out the Riverfest website to help you plan your day, as well as pick up your buttons ahead of time. Kids under 2 are free everyone else will need a button which you can pick up from gobs of places around town for $5. the best part is this button is goof for the entire week worth of events. Now that’s a great day. So go out and support our community.

Happy Riverfesting!

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