Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly $ Report

This week's grocery trip to Dillons was awesome. I was pretty pumped at the savings I managed to find. I love sales and coupons! I spent $35.47 on groceries and got 4 packages of Diapers for 18.46, minus 3.00 for my caregiver marketplace rebate that I'll submit and they were $3.87 each! AWESOME. I'm stocked up on diapers right now and hopefully by using a combination of cloth diaper and disposibles I can make it till the end of September.

***Everything in italics are items that I used coupons for and the best buys of the week are in bold.
$12.96 groceries $18.46 diapers
4 package of Huggies 18.46 and will turn in for a 3.00 rebate
Cottage Cheese 1.00
2 cucumbers 1.78
Cheddar Smoked Sausage 1.24
2 Sweet Potatoes 1.06
Frozen Corn .65
Cantaloupe 1.97
Cascadian Farms Edamme .79
MS Organic Valley Milk FREE
MS Yogurt .15


American Cheese Slices 1.49
1 lb. Lunch meat 2.99
Whole Milk 2.40
Skim Milk 2.30
Ketchup 1.15
2 cans Diced Tomatoes .49 each
Onions .69
Great Northern Beans 1.98
2 packages Roma Tomatoes 1.49 each
Eggs .79
2 loaves of bread 1.29 each
Marshmallows .85

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